PUDU ART Indian Contemporary Art + Mini Docu FILMs

Born out as platform for artists from Pondicherry, South India, PUDU ART promotes selected Indian art with strong aesthetic identity .


In the Indian context where opposites coexist in all declinations the artist's work represents a unique tryst with modernity.


PUDU ART showcases images of artworks  and mini docuFILMs on the artists dimension: reality and drive.


TRACING ART with its source PUDU ART underlines the uniqueness and authenticity of each artwork.




                                   The Director



Sita is Italian, part Indian.

She had an eclectic path under the key of aesthetic: contemporary art, cinema, Indian classical dance.


She has combined studies in Philosophy in Italy at Universita dgli studi di Pavia, with a thesis with honors in Aesthetic and a diploma in Indian aesthetic at Jnanapravaha in Mumbai.


She lives between Pondicherry, Mumbai and Milan.

" The beauty of a work of art

            comes from the fact that

                                                         theAuthor is     

                                                      WHAT HE IS"

                                                                                 O. Wilde