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台灣 2014

作者:施忻塔 Sita Spada

形式:紀錄片 17分鐘

字幕:英文 中文





「形河」 是一部關於藝術家瑪麗娜創作經歷的紀錄片。








video documentary by Sita Spada

17minutes Taiwan 2014


subtitles: english-chinese


"Shaping Rivers" is a short video that features the work of Marina Carvalho, who is a portuguese land artist whose working process is intimately connected to the places where she is working.


She resided for 40 days at Treasure Hill Artist Village (Taipei) as artist-in-residence, and she choose, as material of her project, a taiwanese acacia tree, and indigo color, which leaves grown wild in Taiwan, in Yangmingshan national park.


So she paid homage to Taiwan and endowed the tree with new life by carving Taipei's three rivers: the Tamsui, the Keelung, and the Xindian.


Her work does not focus on technical achievement or the manufacture of "beauty," but instead views art as a something by which we can feel our own relationship with nature and so project ourselves in an environment free from obsession of utility.




Marina Carvalho

 Land artist



video  Documentary,17min,Taiwan 2014